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Oh The Places You’ll Go

If anyone would have asked me a few months ago what I wanted to do with my life, I would have simply answered with, “I want to go back to Nicaragua long term.” When I told people that they  always looked at me as if I was crazy because that’s not the answer they were looking for. But before Uganda that’s what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I thought my life would go something like this:  go to college, graduate, and then move to Nicaragua long term. I think what many people don’t know is, that for years I’ve dreamed of traveling anywhere and everywhere.

In 2011 God called me to step out in faith and go to a country that I never even thought about going to and took me a minute or two to find on the map, this would be Nicaragua. It took all of two minutes after meeting the first Nicaraguan child for me to fall in love. Leaving, I knew I was leaving a part of my heart with the kids of Nicaragua. I knew I had to go back. So, when God laid Nicaragua on my heart a few months ago I knew I had to go back. Though I’m still working the details out about it, I know God has asked me to go back.

One night a few weeks ago I was sitting in my bed writing in my journal when all of a sudden God interrupted my thoughts and said two simple words, “Never Settle”. Nothing else except those two words. I sat there not knowing what just happened. All I knew was that I had just heard God’s voice, so loud and clear there was no way I could pretend it wasn’t God Who had just spoken to me. As I thought and prayed about why God would just randomly speak those two words to me, I realized why.

Coming back to the states after Uganda God wasn’t just calling me back to Mississippi, He’s bringing me back for a new season of my life, a season of growing before heading on a crazy new adventure. I thought the adventure would be going to college. Though I do still think that at some point God is asking me to go to college. God has something so much more than just that! God showed me that yes, Nicaragua will always have a major part in my life, but it won’t end there. Nicaragua is just the beginning. Yes, I could do a lot to glorify God in Nicaragua if that’s the only place I go in the future. But if I do, then I would be settling. God’s plan for me life includes more than what my little mind can ever imagine.  Anytime I try to imagine what God’s plan for my life might look like, I hear Him whispering, “Oh the places you’ll go, Candace”. Every time God whispers that in my ear I feel the peace that only God can give. That night God also showed me that all those dreams I had about traveling the world weren’t my dreams that I thought I had to give up to God a few years ago. Those were in fact God’s dreams for my life.

I sit here tonight knowing that in eight months I’ll be graduating high school, and that God is asking me to go back to Nicaragua for a short period in my life next year.  I have no clue what God has out there for me after that. But I know what ever it is, it will be beautiful, because wherever God sends me He’ll be going with me.


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