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Millions Die and No One Cries

A few months ago, Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, died. As soon as his death became published millions mourned his death, because, after, all he did help build the first iphone and Mac computer. Why wouldn’t part of you be sad? I’m not trying to discount his death, but at the end of the day he is one person, a person who indeed changed our phone and computer experience forever, but still just one. Millions will remember him and his work. But the same day Steve Jobs died millions of other people died around the globe from diseases and lack of food and water. Millions who weren’t mourned by many.  It isn’t just that one day where millions died, it’s everyday. Many of which live and die in Africa. 

This past summer God brought me to Uganda, Africa along with sixteen other team members. While we were there we met hundreds of kids, many of which left their marks on our hearts forever.  Many of these kids did not own a pair of shoes, had little to eat, and faced diseases like malaria everyday.  We saw the daily suffering that they had to face.  A suffering that is so easily fixed in America.  But all the same, these kids had utter joy, joy so overwhelming you can’t help yourself but to join in with their laughter and joy.  After a few hours of spending time with these kids, you couldn’t help but leave feeling happier than when you first arrived. But part of me always wondered what kind of home these kids were going back to.

Like I said earlier, we meet hundreds of kids. But for me just a few truly impacted my life, two of which I never found out their names, but both of them made a lasting impression. I wasn’t the only one who made bonds with some of the kids. One day, after arriving back to the Jesus House, Kayla (one of the members from another team who was staying at the house along with my team) and I were sitting outside playing with a little boy. We soon found out that this little boy’s name was Peter.  He was from the village. Peter found his way into Kayla’s heart. She has since started sponsoring him. Peter was so shy he wouldn’t talk to many people besides Kayla. I haven’t thought about that day much since being back in the States, that is until this morning. This morning before work I was checking my Facebook and found a post about Peter who had died just a day earlier.  His life was taken by malaria along with having an enlarged spleen. Peter, a sweet little boy full of love and joy, lost his life from something so treatable here in America. But yet it kills millions each year around the world. Yesterday millions died, and today millions will die yet most Americans didn’t mourn for the loss of so many. Many of which are children.

About an hour after I read that post I pulled up at Sonic to work my six-hour shift, with Peter, his family, and all the kids from Uganda not far from my mind. Six hours I dealt with customers with many stupid complaints such as, “My cheese wasn’t melted on my burger.”  Or, “My fries aren’t hot enough”.  Irritated isn’t even the word.  Today in America the mindset is me, myself, and I. We only care about ourselves, or we only care about ourselves and the people that we love.  But we don’t think about the millions who face death everyday. Death that could be prevented by medication that is in arm’s reach for those in America when we need it, but an ocean away for others. 

As I sit here writing this post, “Finally Home” by MercyMe came on my Pandora Radio. The only thing I could think about was that Peter is home now.  And even though millions might not mourn his death some will. For him and for many of the millions who died yesterday Jesus was with them and they are finally home.


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