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African Beauty

I had the chance this summer to spend 17 days and nights in Uganda, Africa. Going, I knew I wouldn’t leave the same, but I didn’t know how what I saw would affect me. Before our plane landed in Uganda, Africa I asked myself if I would be able to handle what I saw in the comings days and weeks. Even stepping off the plane I didn’t know.  But just like last year in Nicaragua, though with a new team and in a different country, our mission was still the same: bringing joy and love to the precious kids. Many of the kids that we got to know had so little. Many didn’t even own a pair of shoes resulting in jiggers in their feet. Many of the kids at the different schools we went to would walk a couple of miles daily bare footed just so they could go to school. Everyday the kids would eat what they call porridge, but taste nothing like what we have in America. You see their porridge looks like water-downed grits and has absolutely no flavoring. With no nutritional value, the purpose of eating it is to just have a full belly.  These kids would down porridge every single day, just being grateful that today they would have a full belly.

Everyday I had the chance to get to know these amazing kids! Our day was always filled with dancing, singing, and lots of laughter. Spending 17 days this way was a bigger blessing than I could ever even begin to voice. Though I love Uganda, and all the beautiful kids and leaving Uganda was hard, it was necessary to God’s plan for my life.

While in Uganda God continually laid Nicaragua on my heart, almost every single day I would be talking to one of the kids and a Spanish word would slip out, and the kid would then look at me as if I were crazy.  It seemed every time I turned around God would remind me once again about Nicaragua and the love He placed in my heart for it the year before. One night during worship God told me to go back to Nicaragua. Though I don’t know what this plan God has is going to look like, I do know that Nicaragua is in His plan for my future.


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